Andy Joggerst

Andy Joggerst is an accomplished cross county runner with experience in personal training, run coaching and competing as a runner and short course triathlete in the Midwest. He holds both CSCS and USATF certifications, and has earned a B.S in Sports Management, with an emphasis in fitness and wellness, from Southwest Baptist University.

What makes Andy unique is his running and strength background. He is able to assist Evolve athletes with both run form as well as injury prevention and functional strength. Andy creates a program for Evolve clients that is tailored to their needs as an endurance athlete . 

 If you are interested in staying healthy along with gaining speed and strength in swimming, biking, and running, or working on your run form, Andy will be able to guide you to the start line stronger and ready to rock your race. 

Please contact: for current pricing on personal training and run analysis.