Rocking the W in 2017!

A few weeks ago I had the chance to talk to the head of Wattie Ink sales, Shannon Price. Sometimes in life you get a chance to engage with another person or people and you know right off the bat that the fit is just right. And this was for sure one of those moments!


Here is what we love about Wattie Ink and why we know that the relationship is going to be a great one:

Shannon started the conversation by explaining how Wattie is growing rapidly, but they are working very hard to balance their growth with their core values – they want to stay true to their roots and yet offer their products to a larger audience as they know that their quality of design is a game changer for athletes. At Evolve the growth of the team has been amazing, but we have striven very hard to manage the growth in way that makes sense for all of the athletes and their goals. While growing is something that we are both proud of, it can be a little scary at times and all too easy to lose sight of where you started – Shannon is working really hard to get it right which hit home for us at Evolve!

Wattie is an athlete focused brand. They do not sacrifice quality and make sure that the athlete and his needs are at the forefront of their design. We share a similar vision – if you neglect to take into account what the athlete needs and fail to make that your top priority then the plan or the product will come up short. It is clear that Wattie desires to create clothing that allow athletes to perform!

While many of us eat, sleep and breathe triathlon, at Evolve we believe that no matter what level in the sport you are at – brand new to professional – a person who lacks fun and happiness in his training or racing will eventually burn out. Take one look at the products that Wattie Ink are producing and you know that there is joy in everything they do. Their awesome designs perfectly combine the notion that at the heart of what we do in this sport there must be a good dose of passion and fun. While at Evolve, we take our athletes training and performances very seriously, and our athletes are driven, they also know that when you combine passion and joy you get a pretty amazing outcome. It is clear that Wattie embodies just that. 

Can you tell that we are really excited about 2017 and what working with Wattie Ink will mean for Team Evolve??? Stay tuned for our new kit design and in the meantime, keep rocking the W!