April - It's a WRAP!

How is it already May? Phew … here’s a little summary of the awesomeness that was April for TEAM EVOLVE!!!


Colleen kicked of the month with a 2nd in AG win at the Delmar Dash! Colleen does a fabulous job of balancing work, family and racing. Way to go Colleen!

The Go! Marathon & Half marathon weekend is always a reminder that race season is heating up! We had a huge turnout at the Go!

At the Go! 7k Carolina ran a solid race in 40 and change and Ann executed her plan to post a 59 minute run.

At the 13.1 - Elliott ran his first open 13.1. He was able to come in 17th male overall and 2nd in his AG. What is even more cool about his AG placing, is that the only man who beat him was a pro.

Joe had the best 13.1 of his life and arguably the best race to date - he knocked of 12 minutes for a total time of 1:52:xx.

Meghan also PRed her half time by 4 minutes in a time of 1:54. She was the picture of joy out there on the course!

Chris had a great race - he too was having a total blast when we saw him at 9 and 11. He ran a time of 1:53 and was smiling from the gun to the tape.

Karen ran a super solid race - she came in at 2:02 and looked awesome and in control!

Carrie celebrated her birthday early by running with her husband! She posted a time of 3:04  - Happy Birthday run for sure!!


At the Go! Full:

Shaylin used the race as a training run, and ran a solid run until mile 22 where she bowed out. This is no easy feat - she was on course to crush the run, but she wisely ended her race knowing that there are bigger days down the road.

Lindsay had a personal best at the marathon and broke 4 hours for the first time! She ran a 3:58:58! Woo Hoo!!


Meanwhile in other parts of the world ;-)

At South Africa IM, JP finished her 21st IM in a time of 15:40 just 7 weeks after being released from knee surgery. The best part was that she had the time of her life along the 140.6 miles. The plan was for her to make as many friends as she could and she certainly succeeded at that along with finishing Ironman 21. South Africa is a tough course, wavy, windy, hilly, but stunning - so JP had to contend with it all and that she did.

In the heat and wind of Texas 70.3, Mark fought all day to PR! The winds were relentless and the sun was blazing with no shade, but Mark got it done. He knocked off another 4 minutes from his previous best time for a total time of 4:53:XX. Bravo Mark! We should also add, that the day before the race, Mark was hit by a car on his bike, he and the bike checked out okay, but there were certainly some added stress for him to deal with!

Which brings us to the biggest triathlon weekend of April! TRY TRI! The goals for the team were to get out there, have fun, and shake-off the cobwebs! And we did just that!!

At the Long Sprint:

Greg with 3rd overall : 1:22:15!

Eric 5th in AG: 1:36:27 - Course PR!

Scott 3rd in AG: 1:36:30 - 14 minute course PR! 2nd fastest bike in AG.

Jamie 3rd in AG: 1:56:31 - Course PR!

Meghan 1st in AG, 5th OA - fastest female swim overall: 1:38:13!

Carolina 1st in AG: 1:46:45!

Suzie 8th in AG: 2:03!

Karen 2nd in AG: 1:50:53 - 15 minute course PR!


At the Short Sprint:

Sarah 3rd in AG: 58:02!

Carrie 5th in AG: 1:03! 2nd fastest swim and bike in AG!

Meredith 7th in AG: 1:17!

Betsy 3rd in AG: 1:03! Fastest swim in AG!

Kelly 8th in AG: 1:21 (and first successful flat tire repair!)


Aside from these outstanding numbers, it is pretty darn cool that most of these athletes went into this race will only a few rides outside on the road - some just the day before! There are naturally a lot of first race of the season jitters and everyone did a great job of overcoming those fears and just getting to work  with passion and then cheered one another with just as much passion. The other really cool part is that this was just a stepping stone on a longer journey this season!


The Team wrapped up April with the Sulivan Sprint and the Rookie and Rockstars sprint.


At the Sulivan Tri Terri won her AG and had a great first race of the season!

At Rookies and Rockstars JP earned a 1st in AG and 4th overall even after getting caught behind a train. Chris raced his FIRST triathlon and posted a 5th in AG even after a brief bike ride through some corn!


And now to MAY!!!

Here’s where you will see the team in May -

Superhero 5k, 80s 5K, Trizou, Vino Fondo, The Inaugural Saint Louis Triathlon, & Chattanooga 70.3!!!