Tim Ray

Tim Ray is the head bike fitter at Maplewood Bicycle where he is in charge of their fit services. Tim has been at Maplewood Bicycle since 2001.  He has been in the bicycle industry since 1992. One of the many benefits of working with Tim is that Maplewood Bicycle has invested heavily in the ever growing technology that is aiding fitters in providing athletes with highest level of empirical and accurate fit solutions for all levels of bike riders! One of the reasons that Tim is a natural fit for working with many of the Evolve athletes is that he naturally adheres to the same principles and understands that just like coaching, fitting is both an art and a science when done well. As Tim puts is, "Technology is our slave, not our master."

Tim and Maplewood have invested in nearly every new state-of-the-art piece of equipment that is available, making them unequaled in the region for both technology and experience. Tim has the absolute best dynamic fit unit in the industry-The Guru DFU, Retul 3d and Dartfish 2d Motion Capture Systems, Trek Precision Fit Saddle Pressure Mapping System (and soon to be added, Pressure mapping for shoes and arm and hands), all sorts of cleat alignment and positioning tools, many saddles for demo, and Computrainers for assessing pedaling dynamics and power. Tim holds training and advanced certifications from nearly every training methodology that is available, and he is a top ranked fitter on Slowtwitch.com, and in many other fitter databases.

Tim is  the areas only dedicated, full-time bike fit specialist and has been performing fittings for the last 16 years. He has completed an estimated 10,000 fittings performed on cyclists ranging in ages from 14 to 90, casual riders to internationally ranked pros (2015 Garmin-Cannondale Pro Team), World Champions on the Track, Road, and XTERRA, people from as far away as Germany, Canada, Hawaii, and Montana. He has had the pleasure of working on bike shop owner’s fittings, other fitters, and on some of the top doctors in the country. Tim loves to work with all levels of athletes from any background; he will work to assure that any issue that is presented is resolved to the best of his ability. He is also a Fit Instructor For GURU, which has taken him to places from Taiwan to Connecticut to train all sorts of professionals in the art and technology of bike fitting.

What makes Tim so special to work with is his love for his profession, his patience,  and his desire to help all athletes be their best. 

Tim works with athletes on any brand of bike which they purchased  previously, and also with athletes who are interested in purchasing a bike. 

Call to schedule your bike fitting at 314-781-9566, or email him at tim@maplewoodbicycle.com