Tori Hamill

Tori is a USAT Level 1 coach who has been a member of Evolve since its inception – as an Evolve athlete Tori has undergone a huge transformation and is enthusiastic to share this with her clients. She brings years of experience as a multiport athlete – in fact she started swimming at the young age of five. As an athlete Tori has competed at all distances from 5k to a 50 mile ultra-run, sprints to Ironman. She is a focused athlete who approaches each challenge with excitement and a desire to do her best. Tori’s strengths as an athlete aid her in coaching by supporting her athletes in both the physical and mental aspects of the sport. Her close attention to detail are a natural fit with the core principles on which Evolve was founded. Tori coaches athletes at all race distances and at all levels.

Please contact to inquire about how Tori can help you be your best this season. 



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