Evolve Coaching Systems LLC. is a Saint Louis Area Triathlon Coaching Company that offers individualized training plans for triathlon, swimming, cycling, and running. Evolve Coaching Systems LLC. was founded by Samantha Murphy with the intention of helping all multi-sport athletes reach their goals at their distance of choice, while balancing their personal life and work.

Evolve Coaches and Experts

One of the aspects that sets Evolve Coaching Systems apart is the staff who help assist all of our athletes achieve excellence. We have a variety of specialists who are experts in their field of work. We do not believe in working outside of one's scope of practice at Evolve and therefore have a network of professionals who work together to assist many of our athletes. All Evolve coaches and staff work collaboratively and adhere to the guiding principles which Evolve was founded on. 

Multi-SPort Coach

Samantha Murphy

Multi-Sport Coach

Tori Hamill

Bike Fit Expert

Tim Ray


Jennifer McDaniel