After many years of self-training for triathlons (including an Ironman), I wanted to train to my full potential by hiring a coach. This year, I was looking to gain speed, efficiency, and climb out of the low-mid average pack. Having Samantha as my first coach has exceeded my expectations! I have reaped so many benefits all in one package that seems rare to come by: swim/bike/run tests, nutrition guidance for training and racing, form evaluations, sweat test, and more. It is evident that my coach is passionate about her job. She loves working with her athletes and strongly supports them and provides us all with encouragements. She will even send emails to her team with motivating quotes, articles, pictures and praise us for our good work by highlighting our accomplishments. The best attribute about my coach is that she's an athlete, a mom, and a many of us. She understands that life is not just about triathlons and that we can't train or finish without our support system. 

Tiffany D.


I was formerly a morbidly obese couch potato turned triathlete, content to participate in sprint and olympic distance races over the past three years. An Ironman was on my bucket list for someday, but when my beloved mother died of pancreatic cancer in 2013, I realized just how short life is. I decided to move the Ironman from someday to now, as a testament to my mom’s courage, and my own transformation. But how to get there? I sought a coach with Ironman experience, who would be readily available and responsive to my needs. That’s where Sam comes in. Sam’s coaching is highly personalized. My training plan is unique to me and my experience level and fitness. Sam is easily accessible and quick to respond to my many questions. As an experienced triathlete herself, she’s been able to direct me in matters of gear, nutrition, swim stroke, injury prevention, bike form and fit and all that just in the first few weeks! Sam provides motivation at every turn, cheering me on when I have a good workout, and lifting me up when I have a bad one (and helping me figure out what went wrong). I’m so glad to have found Sam and can’t wait to see what this year will bring under her guidance!

- Carrie T. 


The hallmark of any good coach is their ability to recognize that not all athletes are created equal; they have varying degrees of skill and experience so one size will not fit all. Samantha Murphy is great at encouraging and nurturing athletes new to the sport while at the same time pushing the more experienced so that they can maximize their potential. Her experience as a teacher is evidenced by her ability to instruct in a constructive and easy style. Her role as a working Mom helps her understand and empathize with her athletes and their busy and demanding schedules. As a result, she wastes no time and gives her athletes her all during every coaching session. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and committed. No one can ask for anymore than that from a coach.

- Tom and Bernice I.


I originally contacted Coach Samantha Murphy for help with just my swim. I saw immediate improvement and was invited to join for an Evolve Event. One day with her and her team showed me just how much they bring to the table. The individual coaching plans and one-on-one attention is a tremendous help. The help and encouragement from both the Evolve Coaches and other athletes is amazing. Everything from race planning, workouts, to nutrition is covered and I couldn't ask for a better coach.

- Joe M.


I am a veteran triathlete who has been both coached and self-coached. I hired Sam because I came to realize I was not breaking my bad habits and was not getting to the next level in my athletic life. Sam has embraced my goals and supports me as an individual athlete. I feel like I am the only one she coaches. Her communication and problem solving is top notch. I am a work in progress and Sam is with me every step of the way.

- Ryan M. 


Samantha Murphy is an excellent coach, and is a very knowledgeable athlete herself. I am VERY new to the triathlete world, still learning what all this sport entails. Coach is very patient with me, and works with me on my level. I am a 48 yr old woman trying something new, and with Samantha as my coach, I will be unstoppable!

-Carin B. 


I began training for Ironman Florida with the guidance of Samantha Murphy and Evolve Coaching Systems just 4 weeks ago after become dissatisfied with my previous well known coach. Wow...the difference was night and day. I really feel like she is locked in with me. The personal attention I have received is unsurpassed! She is always available to answer any question or to give immediate feedback on my daily workouts. I feel so fortunate to have found her 4 weeks ago. She is worth every dollar I have spent on her coaching! She gets my highest recommendation.

-Mike D. 


How I got here? I have no idea. I did anything to get out of instructional swim as a kid, I didn't think I'd ever want to run except with a soccer ball at my feet, and my bike was something that I bought to ride to class all of one time in college. 

About five years ago my friend talked me into running a half marathon. This was followed by a marathon and triathlons and I have been hooked ever since. As a newbie I thought just finishing was huge but after years went on I realized I'm not so new to this anymore and was more passionate about finding out what my true potential as an athlete really was. 

Enter coach Samantha Murphy. Sam has pushed me out of my comfortable routine of training just to finish and has taught me to see what I can really do. Her knowledge of training, nutrition, and gear combined with her love of the sport truly shows in her work. Sam also has a teaching background which perfects her craft of coaching. Everything is individualized to my training needs and Sam is in constant communication about the results of my workouts. Sam also puts together additional group training opportunities which are an awesome way to connect with other athletes. 

I've not only seen changes to my times since working with Sam I've seen changes in my attitude and self-confidence. I cannot wait to see what the rest of this season and seasons to come will bring. Sam has truly made all of this work a phenomenal experience.

-Lindsay L. S. 


Since I started working with Samantha, I have had many awesome breakthroughs in my triathlon journey and in just a short amount of time. She uses different methods of training that have taught me to train my body to build the endurance needed to compete. Prior to training with Samantha I did not know much...if anything...about proper nutrition and hydration. I had not been properly fueling my body...which made sense why I had hit walls during my last two marathons. She is completely focused on you and your goals. When I began training with Samantha I looked at open water swimming like the plague. She worked with me and p_rovided me with the appropriate resources to overcome that obstacle. I never thought I would ever consider doing a full Ironman, but Samantha's enthusiasm and drive has inspired me to push myself. She was committed to my personal well-being, growth, and development. Being a part of the Evolve team has been an outstanding experience for me as a first year triathlete.

-Celia M.